Women’s day contest – Winner ! Rachna bussi


I was a child of 80’s. Born into an orthodox family. Where girl wasn’t permitted to get higher education or go out for a job. I grew up watching doordarshan and chitrhaar. When Ramayana was an epic to bond religion and people.
During school, I was not aware of my desires and ambitions. I had enjoyed those years with friends. A very shy, low confidence girl never searched for her talent. I was too small to find myself. As I went to college, my grades goes down which was an alarming sign to me.
After being graduated, I was wondering what to do next. One fine day my father brought me a  form to fill up.  It was teachers training form. I was neither happy nor interested to become a teacher. I wanted to be a journalist but that idea never materialized. To make dad happy I have joined teacher training institute. To my great surprise I have started enjoying and developing self confidence. My teachers were amazing and very supportive. Soon I have become  teachers favorite student. It was the best journey of my life. Finally I have found myself and thoroughly learned all the aspects of teaching. My family, friends and teachers always guided me. This course was my backbone to achieve many degrees later.
Today I am working as a teacher in government school and very much satisfied. I will be always thankful to dad whose decision was right.  I am proud to live my father’s dream. Mom, dad, brothers and husband is always there in ups and downs. Although the thirst for success never ends. I want to achieve higher and higher
— Rachi

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