Women’s day contest – Winner ! Siva Saranya !


Her name is Geetha by name and she is my Darling by love !! We meet in working place where I work now before 5 yrs but our bonding was like for more than 3 yrs by now..!! Whenever I am down and hurt, I will straight away go to her and she ensures that I am given my strength back with all clear mind set..!! We sometimes share the relationship of daughter and mother as well..!!! She surround herself with lot of affection and care and ensures that each one around her circle is set happy !! Also she makes the ppl happy on their birthdays by doing something spl which will make them feel spl on that day ❤ she is such a loving swthrt whom we can find lot of positivity and energetic all the way !!
Love you Darling ❤
Happy Women’s Day to the one and only Darling whom the world celebrates with love and care !!

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