Women’s day contest – Winner ! Siva Saranya !


Her name is Geetha by name and she is my Darling by love !! We meet in working place where I work now before 5 yrs but our bonding was like for more than 3 yrs by now..!! Whenever I am down and hurt, I will straight away go to her and she ensures that I am given my strength back with all clear mind set..!! We sometimes share the relationship of daughter and mother as well..!!! She surround herself with lot of affection and care and ensures that each one around her circle is set happy !! Also she makes the ppl happy on their birthdays by doing something spl which will make them feel spl on that day ❤ she is such a loving swthrt whom we can find lot of positivity and energetic all the way !!
Love you Darling ❤
Happy Women’s Day to the one and only Darling whom the world celebrates with love and care !!

Women’s day contest – Winner ! Jyoti !!


I have a special relationship with my other Mother(my MotherInLaw).I know everyone has,but I really mean it.We have a bond closer than blood, However,we didn’t even share blood.I want to thank you mom for all the late nights you spent nursing me back to health when I was pregnant.The bond we share during my pregnancy was our best Friends moment.The way you take care of me day and night.Thank you for sleeping with me in hospital, even though it was very difficult for you because of your ill health.you gave me all my medications making sure at the right time of day.you have always manage to visit to the hospital every single day with me no matter how busy you are. You balance both roles so wonderfully.You are the motherInLaw that every daughterInLaw wishes to have.Thank you MAA for being the best mother a DaughterInLaw could ask for and for always being my friend.


Women’s day contest – Winner ! Rachna bussi


I was a child of 80’s. Born into an orthodox family. Where girl wasn’t permitted to get higher education or go out for a job. I grew up watching doordarshan and chitrhaar. When Ramayana was an epic to bond religion and people.
During school, I was not aware of my desires and ambitions. I had enjoyed those years with friends. A very shy, low confidence girl never searched for her talent. I was too small to find myself. As I went to college, my grades goes down which was an alarming sign to me.
After being graduated, I was wondering what to do next. One fine day my father brought me a  form to fill up.  It was teachers training form. I was neither happy nor interested to become a teacher. I wanted to be a journalist but that idea never materialized. To make dad happy I have joined teacher training institute. To my great surprise I have started enjoying and developing self confidence. My teachers were amazing and very supportive. Soon I have become  teachers favorite student. It was the best journey of my life. Finally I have found myself and thoroughly learned all the aspects of teaching. My family, friends and teachers always guided me. This course was my backbone to achieve many degrees later.
Today I am working as a teacher in government school and very much satisfied. I will be always thankful to dad whose decision was right.  I am proud to live my father’s dream. Mom, dad, brothers and husband is always there in ups and downs. Although the thirst for success never ends. I want to achieve higher and higher
— Rachi

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