Heart handle magic mugs with free key chain



Heart handle magic mugs – with free personalized keychain – Perfect valentine gift!!

Black in color ~ Cute & Collectabel mug

Print your photos and messages

Pour hot water and watch the magic!

Add this to your magic mug collection!!

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Now just pour hot water , tea, coffee inside the mug and watch the magic. The mug loses its black color and reveals the photos and messages printed on it. Really a perfect valentine gift for all time!

Magic mugs are always unique gift and people looking for variety in gifts love this for sure!

For demo video of magic mugs check our you tube channel Click here

If you are looking for unique personalized gift for boys or gift for girls, don’t miss this exclusive mugs.


Personalized gifts online

Unique personalized gifts online

we create customized unique personalized gifts with your photos and messages with various gift articles. Personalized gifts are really wonderful way of expressing your love joy and care. check the following gifts.

Magic mugs









Personalized mugs are exclusive personalized gifts. Magic mugs , black in color, when you pour hot water or coffee inside the mug it loose its black color and reveals the image printed on it. A surprise gift! Check the video demo for magic mug in this link https://vimeo.com/163395707

Photo pillows









Pillows and cushions are printed with your photos. Pillows in heart shape with imported fur material makes it more beautiful.

Glow mugs









Glow mugs or radium mugs look alike normal mugs, glow beautifully at night! Yes like a radium watch you must have seen, these mugs glow the printed image on it. Worth to add this mug to your mug collection.

Color mugs – Handle and inside color

personalized gifts online









Color mugs are vibrant with inner and handle colors, gives a classy look. It comes in sky blue, red, black, yellow, green and violet.  You can suit the mug color with the colors in photos or to contrast.