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White toner 

Printing in white is not only expensive it is also a laborious task using manual printing techniques. Ghost toners give the solution in best quality with international standard. Now at low cost it made simple to print in house on any garment with out coating.


What is White Toner Transfer

White Toner Transfer is a very versatile way to create customized products such as T-Shirts, Workwear, Mugs, Bottles, Signs and more. With Toner Transfer the design or motif is printed with a laser printer on a sensitve coated media often called the A-Sheet or Transfer Sheet.


Laser printers use Toner which is an electromagnetic powder to create the image. Because of the characteristics of Toner it can be used in heat activated transfer.

After printing, a so called B-Sheet or Glue-Sheet is married to the A-Sheet using a heat transfer press. By heat and pressure a chemical reaction between the glue/adhesive on the B-Sheet and the Toner powder on the A-Sheet transfers the adhesive to the print.


This technology is commonly used to produce small to medium runs of T-Shirts, textiles and promotional Items.

For more details check the link https://www.ghost-white-toner.com/ghost-white-toner-transfer-for-everyone/

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